Daily Organization for Busy People: Workflowy

Several months ago, a coworker turned me onto this amazing app called Workflowy. It’s basically a collapsible bulleted list, and its simplicity is what makes it beautiful. And, although simple, it does have a lot of features (#hashtag tagging, @at-tag tagging, search bar, and more) so I thought I’d share my favorites – the things that make me stick with Workflowy and keep me organized on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

#1: Expandable and Collapsible Lists
You can make as many long, detailed lists as you like – then hide them from view to make changing gears between projects easy. Minimize any list, and you instantly minimize brain clutter. Expand any list to see more details.


#2: Dragging List Items
You can select any bullet point and pull it from any list, into any other list. I find this super helpful for daily to-do lists in my personal life. If I don’t get to an item on Tuesday, it’s easy to pull it into Wednesday’s list.


#3: Completed: Hidden
There’s also an option to hide completed lists. One way I use this feature is for meeting notes. I may need to return to a specific meeting to review its notes, but since this isn’t necessarily a daily occurrence, I “Complete” my meeting notes to keep things from getting cluttered. It’s easy to view these completed notes if I ever need to.


Pro tip: Start all your meeting notes with the date of the meeting. This way, they’re not only chronologically ordered but also easy to track down via search.


#4: BONUS FAVORITE FEATURE: Super easy controls
Bold, italics, tab to indent, – Workflowy responds to Control+Command and generally works how you expect it to.

You can also highlight and complete or delete lots of items at once



Workflowy has a bunch of helpful videos for newbies to use. You can check out the first one here, and see more by signing up for a Workflowy account.

There’s also a great, under-a-minute interactive tutorial that walks you through the basic features when you first sign up.


Workflowy is definitely worth checking out…but if you have a different favorite, I’d like to hear what it is & why!

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